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We are very fortunate to have made many great friends and happy meditators through our Essex Meditation programmes. We have collected a wide range of testimonials from our past students, a few of them are noted below:


"I always wondered about perhaps learning meditation, specifically a traditional form. I decided to learn and now I find it helps me so much in so many ways. Peacefulness certainly is the main effect I notice and now I have been practicing I notice more creativity and insight into my life and more happiness too. It is such a useful tool for my life. Now I couldn't imagine myself not meditating". 
Alex Henry - Primary School Teacher

"I have tried other forms of mediation but Vedic Meditation totally changed me. The fact that you do it at home alone is wonderful. It is now the most important thing in my life. I would reccomend anybody learning if their stress levels are prone to ups and downs".

Patrick Jaramillo - Financial Analyst

"I used to be quite an anrgy person until I discovered meditating and I'm just alot more calm now".

Andrew Johnson - TV Media Production

"I became depressed following a marriage break up and difficulties bringing up the kids by myself. I had heard of Vedic Meditation and decided to have a go at it. I would say I am a changed person as my life is better now with deeper sleep, relaxed and happy. I feel like I have councilled myself out of the position I was in through meditating. I also feel spiritually alive".  

Cath Hillson - Fashion Editor

"A friend actually told me that Vedic Meditation was a good way to get back to nature and see the world around you in a refreshed way. I used to work with Duncan and got in touch and decided to book myself on a course. Spiritually speaking I feel more open and loving towards life. I meditate daily and tell my friends about it. They have certainly seen a change in me. It was the thing I have been looking for without knowing it if that makes sense. The whole nature of Transcendental Meditation and the effect it has is amazing whatever your background or religious upbringing has been".

Maxwell Abney - Management Accountant

"I used to smoke and comfort eat alot and stress was the main factor. Meditation gave me the clarity and the will to overcome things in life. I dropped smoking and over eating too. It's amazing what the mind can do and the effect meditation has on it. It feels like I am out of a cycle it was in."

Kevin McDonald - Editorial Manager

"The decision to learn meditation for me was a new one. After my partner and I started to experience some difficulties within our relationship a few years ago, we tried a few different things to help but we could not see a way out of our situation. The strained relationship was only going in one direction. After discussing the option of meditation during marriage guidance, it was suggested that we try learning together in order to help with anger issues and difficulties arrising in communication. I now feel that meditation brings a harmony to our lives in a way that was not there before. We both learned at the same time and we now ensure that we practice daily and go through the journey together. We are now in a much happier place and the stress and anxiety that was almost unbearable before has now faded away. This did take some time though but we are glad we persevered. Meditation allows you to see things with a calmer more stable view and has helped our life tremendously".

Nathalie Leroux

"It changes your thoughts to help you become more directed and understanding. Also you start to notice how other people aren't calm and you are which I didn't notice before. It helps my revision because my mind doesnt get bored with it. You have much more energy too which is great."

Scott Palmer - Student

"I suppose I wanted to develop myself spiritually and see what all that was about. Since learning I have had some amazing experiences in life. I know these have occured due to meditating because now my mind is calmer I make better, less rushed decisions. You can change yourself to become the person you want to be. You find the clarity to become more creative, motivated and decisive". 

Richard White - Engineer & Property developer

"I had learned mindfullness before but did not notice any significant difference in myself. I decided to learn the Vedic technique. I certainly feel it works much better to get you much deeper and more relaxed than other forms of meditation. I sleep much better now too. It really does make a difference to your life but you have to pratice".

Lucy Martin -  Sports Coach

"I just generally feel more relaxed and happy during the day and meditation has absolutely relaxed and controlled my anxiety very well".

Marilyn Toogood -  Retired

"Actually having time for myself was always something that was on my mind. Just trying to cope and keep on top of things made me feel drained. I spoke to Duncan and thought I would give Vedic Meditation a go. The way it slows your levels right down and relaxes you mind away from the constant thought cycle is amazing. I always thought that trying to rid the mind of thoughts would be impossible to do but now I have found a way that way to get some time for myself. Now after meditating, the rest of my day is full of energy and enthusiasm. A new lease of life would seem a bit of a bold statement normally but this has totally has given me that. If your life is anything like mine you must learn".

Greg Hunt - Database Co-ordinator

"For me the inner peace and calm has been life changing".

Cole Swelt - Lab Technician

"Stopping smoking because I didn't need it anymore was a massive shock for me. I was very skeptical at first but did consider this type of meditation and it is the real thing I have to say. Nothing could have made me stop smoking in any other circumstances, I had always smoked before to help with stress. But now I realise that the continual returning of your mind back to its most clear and logical state by meditating made me see how crazy smoking and work related stress was. I started to laugh out loud when I could see what I had been living like. I now go jogging and I feel like a new chapter in my life of stress free living has begun. Vedic Meditation is very powerful and can do wonders. I whole heartedly recommend it to my colleagues and friends."

Adam Marshall - Management Consultant

"I learned meditation after working too many hours and getting myself into a bit of a state. I was on prescriptions and sleeping tablets and generally feeling axious most of the time. Within a month of meditating I was off my medication all together. I first noticed a difference when I started to feel much more confident again in Board meetings. That was the first thing I noticed. I now play tennis in my spare time instead of collapse in front on the tv and I am planning a trip to India to learn more about this wonderful practice. I have also met many new friends from meditating".

Heidi Swanley -  Chief Executive

"Life can be really stressful but meditation helps me get deep deep rest that keeps me going everday and meditation gives me the energy and release I need to get me through the pressures of the working day. I stopped using sleeping tablets and anti depressants within a few short weeks. I wish I had found out about this years ago".

Amy Lester - Store Manager

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