Independent Teachers of Vedic Meditation Reduces anxiety, depression and stress related problems Improves sleep and relaxation Alleviates migraines and headaches Increases energy and improves relationships Improves health and wellbeing Meditation studio in Theydon Bois Tel: 01992 611 539 Tel: 07934 802 874
 Independent Teachers of Vedic Meditation Reduces anxiety, depression and stress related problemsImproves sleep and relaxationAlleviates migraines and headachesIncreases energy and improves relationshipsImproves health and wellbeing  Meditation studio in Theydon BoisTel: 01992 611 539Tel: 07934 802   

Course outline


The first hour of the course includes personal instruction on the following:


1. Induction and explanation on how Vedic Meditation works.


2. First meditation with your instructor.


3. Discussion.


4. Second meditation with your instructor.


5. Third meditation - part with your instructor and part individually in order for you to practice alone.


6. Full discussion on how you felt, how rested and calm you felt due to the transcending and how you should practice.



The second and third hour sessions include the following:


1. Explanation on the practical use of Vedic Meditation and its benefits ranging from reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep, heart and organ function, reducing depression and increasing confidence, clarity and a better reaction to the challenges life throws at us which in turn improves our relationships and all areas of our lives.


2. Discussion on the origin of Vedic Meditation, this ancient Himalayan technique and its lineage, student workshop session, discussion on the first four states of consciousness.  


3. How Vedic Meditation works, how stress is built up and subsequently dissolved through the technique, what pure consciousness is and how Vedic Meditation brings about such deep rest and change within us towards greater happiness - learning tools explained.


4. A brief film of Vedic Meditation.


5. Final mediation and Q&A.


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We are about a 2-3 minute walk from Theydon Bois Central Line Tube station

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