Meditation can help alleviate anxiety


Stressful events can produce anxiety in almost everyone. For some though anxiety is a life-long problem, even a chronic condition that often can’t be shut off when the specific situation occurs that triggers the anxiety response. Intense anxiety can therefore severely limit daily activity and the trigger to that anxiety can happen at any time.

In reality it isnt the situation that causes the onset of anxiety, but the reaction of a fixed habit state of mind that causes the individual to respond with anxiety. Often a related event during ones life creates the initial fear and the boom of anxiety occurs as a response to that event, which then reoccurs when a similar situation begins.

Meditation can therefore create such a calmed clear state of mind that the mind can then rationally view the anxiety response and take time to view it dispassionately. The meditation then creates a permanent calmed response in an individual. The mind starts identifying with the peace and silence that exists between every mental action. 


All mental activity has to have a physical correlation in the brain, and in relation to anxiety, there is often increased activity in the amygdala, the area of the brain associated with regulating emotions, including fear. Neuroscientists found that people who practiced meditation were more able to turn down the reactivity of this area and therefore reduce anxiety effectively.


Information from Psychology Today on how Meditation can reduce anxiety on a neural level:

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