Meditation can help reduce and control anger


Anger can have many negative affects on the body and mind. High levels of anger and unresolved anger can increase your risk of coronary artery disease and other heart and blood pressure problems, can lead to hardened arteries and can cause anxiety and depression.

Some people function fine with their anger and this may well be their opinion. This is because they have become accustomed to their anger and they’ve built-up a tolerance to it over months and years.

When an individual practices meditation regularly they become more aware of their emotional reactions and this awareness can carry-over into daily life create the ability to “watch” yourself. Meditation will also introduce a long term calmness into the system which can help everything from working life to family life.


Meditators become aware of the triggers that cause anger and although they may seem unimportant to someone else, they can have a deep effect on some.


By meditating regularly you can feel the initial surge of upset and you can therefore recognise it arising in the moment and reduce its effect. This is not only the meditation increasing the calmness of the mind but also developing an ability to observe the self.  


You have to be able to discover and recognise anger when it happens in order to stop it developing. Practice of meditation will have a great effect on both.


Research from Metaphysics online:

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