Meditation can increase happiness


We know that the brain continues to develop and its capability to change is known as neuroplasticity. Studies into neuroplasticity suggest that meditation can develop a persons baseline happiness and increase it beyond its current state. 

Results from one research programme showed that meditational practice increased positive emotions over time, which, in turn, produced an increase in a wide range of personal experiences from improved calmness, purpose in life, reduced anxiety and negativity. In turn, these increase life satisfaction and reduce depressive symptoms. The results therefore suggest that is it possible to become more optimistic and function more successfully and become ultimately - happier.


Meditation allows the mind to return to its original state each time meditation is practiced.


The state of happiness is our natural born state of mind we only learn to accumulate negative thoughts and opinions, unhappy and anxious feelings and harbour stress due to the nature of our external surroundings and experiences. Meditating everday allows the mind to return to its orginal state and as we finish meditating and go about our day, some of that natural state of happiness stays with us. 


More research outlined in an article related to meditation and happiness

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