Meditation can increase creativity


Some studies suggest that our creative intelligence is not accessed by effort in the conventional sense, and cannot really be learned at school or work. One study suggests that we cannot strive for creative thought any more than we can strive to have a different body. Where creativity is concerned it is more about dissolving the barriers that come between us and our innate creative potential, allowing it to flow more freely.

Therefore meditation is this respect creates:


Insight into the ripe conditions within which great ideas can be formed.


Openness to a new stream of thoughts, giving a new direction and flow of ideas.


Renewed expression due to reduction in mental activity and external environmental factors not being involved.


A reduction in stress which then allows the mind more space to create without harbouring current concerns.


A reduction in anxiety which results in a reduced level of self criticism and more confidence in the potential of new views and ideas.


An improvement in attention and focus which can in turn allow is to see the full picture of the ideas that we are now forming.


An increased level of clarity allowing our ideas to become tuned in with what we need at the time.


Neuroscience is showing, through brain mapping, how meditation affects brain wave activity. The most striking difference is a shift, in the meditator, from the stress-prone right frontal cortex to the calmer left frontal cortex. Regular meditation also shows increased brain activity in areas associated with the creative. 


More independant research online check here: 







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