Meditation can help increase confidence


Increased confidence is one of the long term effects of meditation that people talk about. Increased confidence can make a big impact on an individuals life and a relaxed at ease sense of self-confidence that is independent of context can help develop the ability to achieve more in life.


Confidence can be described as flexibility, understanding and happiness in our own opinions without the need to argue the point unnecessarily. Confidence is a belief and inner knowledge which isnt egotistical or linked to self blame. Confidence gives the inner impression that sometimes there is limitation in life and sometimes not. It creates an understanding and acceptance of those limitations, while having that understanding develop the direction of thought positively. Thus weaknesses become strengths by recognition. They become a part of your understanding rather than something that you avoid looking at or need to compensate for.

True self-confidence has to be built on a foundation of self-awareness. This kind of self-awareness lets you understand your strengths and your weaknesses on a deep and intimate level.

Meditation therefore allows the practioner to just observe without judgment. You’re not avoiding anything, nor are you trying to make anything happen. You’re simply observing what is and how useful or not the oberved subject is.


That’s how meditation can help build self-confidence. Surprisingly, one of the best ways to build self-confidence is not to focus on confidence, but on self-awareness. Meditation helps facilitate that self-awareness.


Information from the the Brainwave Research Institute :


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