Meditation can help improve your relationships


There are many reasons why meditation can improve relationships.

Many of the known benefits bear a remarkable resemblance to the characteristics of people who grew up with healthy, attuned attachments. Early attachment experiences have a huge impact on how we are wired for relationships, throughout our lives.


When meditation is practiced stress and anger lose their grip on the mind and pent-up tension and frustration loses its grip on the body. This enables an individual to be able to correct or repair unpleasant moods more quickly, without just sweeping them under the rug of resentments.

Meditation slowley dissolves negative patterns of thought instead of ignoring them, denying them, or cramming them deep inside. 

With a calmer response to situations, communication is more likely to get better along with constructive and positive thoughts replacing blame and criticism. 


Having an emotional circuit breaker makes a real difference and meditation buys more time to calm ourselves before we respond, thus improving response flexibility. We then start to develop more empathy by being able to perceive someone elses emotions without getting lost in our own reactions.


With the practice of meditation, over time, we get to know ourselves in a more balanced and coherent framework resulting in us being far less vulnerable to getting lost when it comes to being in relationship with others.


Through meditation practice, the brain gets re-wired and "remembers," more often and more easily, who you really are - not just your thoughts and feelings at that moment. We gain an increase in intuition, a reduction in fear of others, more self-confidence and more aware of what your body is telling you. 


It is important in relationships to have ready access to being able to soothe yourself when you're upset, so that your reactions and interactions aren't overrun by your old responses.

Healthier, happier relationships with your partner and circle of friends are improved and perceptions of the world begins to shift creating compassion for each other and more chance to act with sensitivity and understanding.


Of course, with all of these benefits, regular practice of meditation is required.


Information from the Pick Your Brains online organisation:

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