Independent Teachers of Vedic Meditation in Essex Reduces anxiety, depression and stress related problems Improves sleep and relaxation Alleviates migraines and headaches Increases energy and improves relationships Improves health and wellbeing Meditation studio in Theydon Bois Tel: 07940 042279 Tel: 07934 802 874
 Independent Teachers of Vedic Meditation in Essex Reduces anxiety, depression and stress related problemsImproves sleep and relaxationAlleviates migraines and headachesIncreases energy and improves relationshipsImproves health and wellbeing  Meditation studio in Theydon BoisTel: 07940 042279Tel: 07934 802   

Scientific research


There has been alot of scientific research into the effects of Vedic Meditation over the last 50 or more years. This extensive research has produced some amazing findings:



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11: Project meditation effects study:


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