Independent Teachers of Vedic Meditation Reduces anxiety, depression and stress related problems Improves sleep and relaxation Alleviates migraines and headaches Increases energy and improves relationships Improves health and wellbeing Meditation studio in Theydon Bois Tel: 01992 611 539 Tel: 07934 802 874
 Independent Teachers of Vedic Meditation Reduces anxiety, depression and stress related problemsImproves sleep and relaxationAlleviates migraines and headachesIncreases energy and improves relationshipsImproves health and wellbeing  Meditation studio in Theydon BoisTel: 01992 611 539Tel: 07934 802   

Duncan Judd - Founder Essex Meditation

Based in Theydon Bois in Essex, the Essex Meditation organisation was developed with the aim of providing the most effective stress relief, and well-being improvement technique available to the area. Established in Essex, we believe everyone should be able to learn and benefit from Vedic Meditation due to its life changing, endless benefits and values.

In this stressful fast paced modern world this technique have never been more essential in order to reduce anxiety, stress, sleep problems, depression and worry caused by the very nature of the challenges that such a fast paced world throws at us. Vedic Meditation increases peace and tranquility and replaces stress and anxiety with happiness, deep awareness and bliss !

Duncan Judd founded the Essex Meditation organisation in order to help others with the pressures of their daily lives.


My journey into Vedic Meditation started 20 years ago. The stress of work was challenging and I did not have the head space to be able to think about enjoying myself or living my life the way I wanted to. It was during this time that I decided to learn meditation as a way to hopefully try and resolve this. I learned Buddhist Zen Meditation at first but i found it difficult to practice. I quickly learned and began to practice Vedic Meditation. Discovering that not all meditation was the same, I started to practice this technique everyday.  

What started to happen was astounding and just as I had been told would happen. All of the stress and pressure I had been experiencing started to fall away. Anxiety was replaced with a calmness until I realised that I was working in the same environment with the same pressures but the anxiety and stress was gone. I was peaceful, productive and happy. In fact my whole body and mind remained both relaxed and calm. I was amazed at the effect Vedic Meditation had on me, and in a such a short amount of time too. I really felt transformed. Feeling infinitely happier and much more energetic, my outlook changed.


After an intensive teacher training course with Vaishnava Swami of Rishikesh, India, I learned the entire system and how to teach it to others effectively. The time was right to start to pass this knowledge on. I have now taught many people to meditate and I have helped many people change their lives and overcome all sorts of problems and issues in from stress to smoking from anger to anxiety from sleep problems to memory problems from eating issues to those suffering with their nerves. I feel very fortunate to be helping people in this way.


Vedic Meditation is remarkably easy to do and can become very effective in a short space of time. It doesn't involve any type of forcing the mind to get rid of thoughts. In fact the technique works to gently direct the mind back to its source. Calming and soothing the mind, brain and body. The technique works to rejuvenate and detoxify the system at the same time as leaving the practitioner with a clear and logical mind, happy in itself and strong enough to push away old habits and anxiety and stress related problems. Practicing just 15 minutes twice a day sitting in a chair is all that is required in order to create these profound effects. 


For info on exactly how Vedic Meditation works click here.


I founded the Essex Meditation organisation in order to help as many people as possible to gain happiness and improve their lives.


Duncan Judd - Founder and Vedic Meditation Teacher

Patricia Jones joined the Essex Meditation organisation as a teacher in order to help bring eastern knowledge to the area she grew up in.


Patricia runs the second arm of the Essex Meditation organisation further afield into Essex and the bordering counties. Patricia has become a very well respected practitioner in her areas of Yoga and Meditation.


My Journey into Meditation started 15 years ago when I met a student of Deepak Chopra at the Deepak Chopra Centre. Having already learned Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vipassana Meditation and various Pranayamas I decided to learn Vedic Meditation too and see what all the fuss was about. It was an unusual experience at first because as I was taught by my instructor I started to become extremely relaxed and felt almost content to remain right there in the sitting position I was in. I had only just been taught. I was sitting meditating awaiting my teacher to return to continue the course and I just felt so content and calm as if I could stay there forever. It was a level of peace I had not experienced before.


I continued to practice my Vedic Meditation everyday and I started to see my creatvity soar, my mind become clear and rested and a deep feeling of peace arise from within.


I met Duncan and knew that we had the same understanding and experiences and decided to join The Essex Meditation org as a teacher in Essex.


Patricia Jones - Transcendental Meditation and Yoga Teacher

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