Welcome to Essex Meditation. Independant teachers of Vedic and Transcendental Meditation.

The video below shows some thoughts on our courses from our students

Learn meditation with our expert tutors and gain some calmness in this fast paced world

Reduce stress, anxiety and irritability and gain peace, happiness and renewed energy


Beginner Course


Perfect for all ages. Taught on a 1-1 basis, our Standard Course takes around 4 hours over two days, either in the week or at weekends. Instructed from our studio in Theydon Bois.


Advanced Course


5 week course for anyone who has been meditating for at least 1 year. You wil gain a deeper level of  immersion and how to apply it to gain inner knowledge and higher states of consciousness.


Teacher Training Course


Our 10 week course is ideal for anyone who wants to start a new career, making a living from teaching meditation and helping people gain inner calmness and a stress free life.

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Not all meditation technqiues are as effective at reducing stress, producing calmness, energy, drive and happiness

The meditation we teach is unlike other forms of meditation. It gets to the depths of the mind very quickly to give the meditator deep rest, rejuvenation and relief from stress. Taught in the traditional manner of individual personal instruction, we retain its true essence and exact method of practice.


This Meditation must be taught by a qualified teacher with the expertise to teach the technique correctly to ensure the meditation is being practiced in the right way. This cannot be learned from a book.


Our Meditation is a surprisingly simple and yet a highly effective technique. When practiced it easily calms the mind of its thoughts without effort.


We are all fully aware of how important it is to exercise and keep our bodies healthy but we often neglect our subtle nature, our mind.


We hold regular monthly group meditations for all our past students in our beautiful surroundings of Theydon Bois

Please see some video thoughts below from some of our students around the world