Independent Teachers of Vedic Meditation Reduces anxiety, depression and stress related problems Improves sleep and relaxation Alleviates migraines and headaches Increases energy and improves relationships Improves health and wellbeing Meditation studio in Theydon Bois Tel: 01992 611 539 Tel: 07934 802 874
 Independent Teachers of Vedic Meditation Reduces anxiety, depression and stress related problemsImproves sleep and relaxationAlleviates migraines and headachesIncreases energy and improves relationshipsImproves health and wellbeing  Meditation studio in Theydon BoisTel: 01992 611 539Tel: 07934 802   

Increase energy and drive and alleviate stress, anxiety and related problems. Very simple system to learn

All courses are taught individually on a 1-1 basis

Our meditation studio is a 2 minute walk from Central Line Tube Station

Welcome to Essex Meditation

We teach Vedic Meditation. We have taught hundreds of people and ensure we teach in the traditional form. Just 15 minutes a day is all that is required. Please take a look at our testimonials videos to see how effective it is. Reduce stress and strain and increase happiness, energy, drive and confidence.

What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is a simple effortless technique and will work for anyone. Easy to practice, it produces profound effects and develops health and well-being. Click here or read about the effects of meditation and scientific research carried out across the world which supports its vast benefits.

Easy to learn

Our one off courses take 2-3 hours which then gives you all knowledge to practice at home. Courses cost a one off fee of £149. See here Our distance learning courses via skype/facetime cost £99 see here all students receive a free lifelong advice and help service. Check the course info


We hold regular monthly group meditations for all our past students in our beautiful surroundings of Theydon Bois

Vedic Meditation can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease and stress related illness

Why choose us?


Affordable courses

We are an affordable school of Meditation. We have taught hundreds of people and many students make lifelong friends

Free lifetime support and advice on your pratice and development

We offer all our students a free lifetime support service 7 days a week

We are tried tested and trusted

We have many students who keep in touch with us and tell us wonderful insights into what meditation has done for them


Please see some video thoughts below from some of our students around the world

Have a look at what some of what our meditators say..

"I have suffered from anxiety for a long time. Finding this course came at the right time for me. The teacher explained everthing very calmly and clearly. I practice everyday and whatever triggers my anxiety fades away immediately because my mind's calmness towards situations changes my reactions to it. I feel alot happier and much more social. Vedic Meditation is the only approach that has worked for me".

Robert Housman -  Sales Manager



"I had learned mindfullness before but did not notice any significant difference in myself. I decided to learn Vedic Meditation. I certainly feel it works much better to get you much deeper and more relaxed than other forms of meditation. I sleep much better now too. It really does improve your performance ".

Lucy Martin -  Sports Coach



"I just generally feel more relaxed and happy during the day and meditation has absolutely relaxed and controlled my anxiety very well".

Marilyn Toogood -  Retired



"I used to be quite an anrgy person until I discovered meditating and I'm just alot more calm now".

Andrew Johnson - TV Media Production



"I have tried other form of meditation but Vedic Meditation is great and so simple. The fact that you do it at home alone makes it so easy. You feel energised and clear afterwards. Meditation has really improved my confidence and way of thinking. I wholeheartedly recommend it."

Richard Gayle - Recruitment Consultant



"I suppose I wanted to develop myself spiritually and see what all that was about. Since learning I have had some amazing experiences in life. I know these have occured due to meditating because now my mind is calmer I make better, less rushed decisions. You can change yourself to become the person you want to be. You find the clarity to become more creative, motivated and decisive". 

Richard White - Engineer & Property developer


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A simple meditation routine of 15 minutes is all that is needed